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Let’s start with a little “about us”; (We promise this will be the last & only time we write this much!)

From the beginning:

Laundry 43 is a renowned restaurant and bar in the coastal town of Busselton. Formerly known as Laundry Cafe, Laundry 43 transformed the local 100-year-old dry cleaners into a culinary jewel in May 2012.

The owners have created a constantly evolving restaurant focused on providing an incredible and unforgettable Laundry 43 dining experience. The ever changing menu is focused on local South West produce, seasonal flavours, and eclectic pairing’s.

Known to locals as ‘The Laundry’ and residing at the street number of 43, the iconic Busselton restaurant has become a hot foodie destination. Laundry 43 are proud winners of the 2017 & 2016 Gold Plate Award for Regional Licensed Casual Dining. The restaurant and bar has a strong reputation for showcasing the best food the famed South West region has to offer and is a gastronomic jewel waiting to be discovered.

The Catering Line:

A custom-built, entirely self sufficient, mobile kitchen on 16 wheels, delivering our outstanding, signature food and warm service to weddings, functions, corporate events, and celebrations statewide. The Catering Line provides an exceptional experience from event planning to genuine hospitality and execution, with a former Michelin Star chef in the care of your guests’ food.

The Catering Line will seamlessly feel like a part of your event with custom built specifications that means our wait staff can serve freshly prepared food to your guests as it cooks in front of their eyes. The truck is fitted with airbag suspension to handle all terrains & is entirely self sufficient with water & generators for electricity, making setup in any condition a breeze. The open kitchen provides your event with excitement, atmosphere & a conversation starter, as the enticing aromas fill the air. To summarise, our team, our truck, our food- is amazing.

Meet the team:

Nathan  Thomas- Head Chef

The Laundry 43 culinary team is led by Executive Chef Nathan Thomas, a highly-esteemed food connoisseur who has worked for Michelin star restaurants around the globe and world renowned chefs like Gordon Ramsay (THE Gordon Ramsay).

In spite of his impressive international credentials, Nathan’s passion for food had humble beginnings where at an early age he was inspired by his grandmother’s love of cooking, and this led him to a career as a chef (& ultimately into the land of  Laundry 43- lucky us!)

Nathan has worked with the best in the business and started his chef life in 1995 at the 2 Michelin Star ‘Le Gavroche’ near Park Lane in London. He went on to work as a pastry chef for Gordon Ramsey’s 2 Star Michelin Restaurant, as well as in the role of Chef De Partie at the modern French restaurant ‘The Square’ in London.

Nathan was promoted to Sous Chef and spent five years in the kitchen of the ‘Ledbury’ in London, rated as the 10th best restaurant in the world. Nathan was promoted to Executive Chef at 1 Michelin Star restaurant ‘New Angel’ in Dartmouth and also worked at‘Capo Bay Hotel’ in Cyprus. If chocolate is your passion Nathan has also spent a lot of time training at Valrhona School of Chocolate in France.

Karoll Tapire- Sous Chef

Karoll is our born & bred Laundry 43 sous chef & Nathan’s protege. Having completed his apprenticeship through Laundry 43 in 2016, we have seen Karoll grow from an 19 year old trainee through to the sensational, dedicated chef that he is today. Born in the Philippines & raised in the South West, the cool kid on the block, Karoll, brings his own culinary twist to the Laundry 43 kitchen.

Karis Silke- Function’s Manager (Top Dog)

Karis is the girl behind the brand, born & bred Miss Laundry 43.
She is the friendly, smiling face running our functions & event’s team & the girl behind the brand, the concept & the magic that is Laundry 43.

Nicco Giordani- Restaurant Manager

The first Italian we have ever met who is actually from Rome, Nicco is our sensational, charismatic restaurant manager. He know’s his wine & he know’s his food. He’s the guy to ask about all things vegan & vegetarian & is always on hand to greet our guests with a friendly smile. Makes a mean cocktail too.

Candace Guile- Maker of laughter, writer of this blog, all round top chick.
Slightly biased- doesn’t do photos.

My job is to entice you into our Laundry 43 world (is it working???), introduce you to our food, expose you to our brand, market our world & constantly remind you just how awesome we are. The first point of contact with all function & event enquiries, it’s my squeaky voice you will hear first.

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